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holidays to malia

Things to do in Malia

There are many great things to do in Malia such as QuadBiking, mini golf, booze cruises, bar crawls, horse riding, jeep safari and loads more. It's always great to do something in the day to help take your mind of your hangover that you will more than likely have from the night before. Excursions to places such as the waterpark allow you to have fun with friends and make your holiday more memorable than ever.

Activities in Maliathings to do in Malia

Below are some of the websites that give you more information on activities to do in Malia.

Quadbiking is very popular due to the freedom it gives you to explore the island and get around, there are certain things you must have such as a driving license from the UK and to sign an agreement, but its very easy and relatively cheap to hire out.